Hepek turns Scala objects into files. Everything you can println to screen Hepek can write to a file.

What else?

It contains lots of useful functions for rendering stuff, like blogging support, css layout, code highlighting.
There is no special new markup/template language to learn, just plain old Scala.
Ctrl + Space and you get all the help needed. You can use Scalatags, Markdown or whatever syntax you find useful.

So what?

Say goodbye to emmet snippets and regex find-and-replace... Now you can use functions, for loops, data abstractions etc. What more do you need really?

Also, since content is just a Scala object, you can use it directly to construct table of contents, RSS feed, sitemap.xml, PDF and Word docs.

Sick of rewriting relative urls all over the place, like my/folder/../styles.....?
Me too, the year is 2018, we can do better!
Just use .ref method and you're done! Hepek figures out path instead of you.

Hepek uses incremental rendering by default.
If you change an object, it only renders objects which depend on it. Neat!

Linux, OSX, Windows supported? Of course. Thanks JVM!

And, yes, this site is built with Hepek.