You need to have Java 8 installed and sbt version 1 or greater.
It's planned to support other build tools in the future: Mill, Gradle etc.


Download the starter project from here and you're ready to roll.
Start up sbt console and type hepek.
Voila, that's it! :)

You can also make sbt watch for file changes. Just type ~hepek and you'll see changes in matter of a second.

HTML/CSS or whatever you're rendering will be in /target/web/public/main/site folder.
You can make an sbt task for copying these to a more desirable location.


You can just open index.html and see the results...
If you really need a web server, I'd recommend Web Server for Chrome. Very simple to use, enough for static sites. :)

Another great way is with Browsersync. Install it, cd to rendering folder and type:

browser-sync start --server --files .

Browsersync will automatically refresh page in browser when it gets changed, or its CSS etc!

Deployment consists of copying the contents to your web host (e.g. Github pages).